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Practice Manager


Running a busy practice means you’re constantly having to juggle resources. You have the GP partners, salaried GPs and on occasion locums. You need to arrange time to discuss practice matters that suits their busy schedules or hold separate meetings in order to speak to all of them.

Let’s not forget the important role of supervising the other members of staff, nurses, clinicians receptionists, admin, cleaners …  That’s not to mention the finances, the NHS initiatives, business planning, IT in practice, patients, health and safety, electricity and gas bills........

the list goes on.

Then you have the building itself, which requires you keeping up with all current legislation, Building Regulations and Approved Codes of Practice. Then apply these to planning maintenance, water hygiene, fire safety, electrical systems, heating systems and air conditioning, fire safety that everything is up to date and safe.


This is where we can really help…..

Our flexible range of cost effective building and engineering services provide control and assurance across your entire estate, freeing up your time to focus on other business goals.

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